“I never thought the hardest experience in my life would lead me to the successful business story I am writing today!”

It all started in early 2012 when I was diagnosed with scoliosis and had to go through a difficult back operation. All my life I had been a passionate dancer and sports enthusiast, and from that moment on I was forced to deal with the biggest change in my life. I had to undergo a nine-hour operation and the shock of having to give up the lifestyle that I knew and loved.

Since the operation left me with a scar running down the length of my back, I decided to get a tattoo to at least partially cover it up. It was my way of covering and trying to forget that part of my life.


Every tattoo is very special and highly personal. It expresses the style, memories, or hidden pain of every individual. Mine, of course, reminds me of the toughest part of my life that I have been able to overcome. My tattoo is an inscription in Arabic and means:

“Our scars remind us that the past is real.”


After I got my first tattoo, I wanted to give my skin, my scar and my tattoo the best care I could. Like our scars and memories, tattoos stick with us for our entire lives. And to nourish them we must make sure they are treated with the best care to preserve their intensity and their vibrant colors. And, to my surprise, there wasn’t any ointment for tattoos on the market that would calm and nourish irritated skin. That was the moment I decided to make my own!

My vision was to create an ointment that would truly give our skin and tattoos the care they need. I wanted to give people something that would change their lives!


There is no ointment on the market like Tattoo Care! After months of research, I can proudly say Tattoo Care is the only ointment that actively accelerates healing, relieves itching and inflammation, protects your skin, and gives back its elasticity.

The ointment is known for its special texture and its 25-year-old recipe, developed by pharmacists and professional tattoo artists.

It is the first and only quality ointment for tattoo care.


Good and bad are interconnected – they are two sides of the same coin. If something seems perfect, it isn’t. If your life seems horrible, it isn’t. Every hard situation we find ourselves in only means that we need to realize this truth and find the path that leads us to happiness.

And I’ve found mine, which I’m proudly introducing to the world – it’s called TATTOO CARE.

1. ointment was created as a solution to the problem and as a response to the current market situation
2. today, I am proudly writing my story of success
3. My ointment was available in more than 100 stores in the first year of business, and we have sold more than 25,000 pieces. People love it!
4. My ointment made me a “Young Entrepreneurs 2017 Finalist”.
5. I am successfully working with tattoo artists and tattoo studios worldwide
6. I never give up – I am still actively involved in sports and am still following my heart
Tattooing is more than just drawing on skin – it’s an art form. Tattoo artists are like painters, and our skin is their canvas. Every individual lives their own story, which is painted onto their canvas in its own special way. And since it becomes and remains part of every person, how you treat it is vital.